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In the Pharmaceutical Industry, ensuring that consumers, physicians and pharmacists have confidence in your product is vital. This is why Quality Control is so important, as it is a process that aims to determine any needs for corrective actions in the manufacturing process, based on assessing parameters and determining whether they are within specifications for the final product. In practice, pharmaceutical laboratories need a robust Quality Control System that works well at all times and to this end, RC REDOL has a training solution that will make your company achieve the best results.

A significant aspect of quality control is the establishment of well-defined controls, controls that help standardize production and reactions to quality problems. By limiting the margin of error, validating the methods used, recording any deviations found and specifying which activities must be completed, the possibility of workers becoming involved in tasks for which they are not properly trained is reduced. A vital part of this process depends on the training of your company’s human resources linked to Quality Control, and this is where RC REDOL’s training courses can help!

 We offer specialized training in Quality Control in accordance with GMP, which covers diverse but essential topics such as:

Good HPLC Practices

Sampling Training

Good Dissolution Practice

Out of Specification (OOS)/Out of Trend (OOT) results

Stability Management

Basic Microbiology Training

Validation of Analytical Methods

In fact, our Quality Control Training has been developed to meet your company’s needs in training analysts and supervisors, allowing your company to be prepared for any challenge ahead. The GMP Quality Control Training format is aimed at groups of up to ten people, in order to maximize learning through practical examples.

RC REDOL offers tailor-made solutions and GMP training with staff with over 20 years of Practical experience to help improve the performance of your Quality System. Plus, by choosing us, you ensure you operate at maximum efficiency and profitability whilst keeping your company up to date on the latest regulations. Contact us about GMP Quality Control Training and find out how to ensure one of the most vital processes for your business.

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