Upgrade your GMP system with Scilife Document Management

The documents your company produces are vital for your business and for maintaining a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) system. Without their control, you can’t operate efficiently and your company will suffer as a result. But how do you do it? Read more about it below and discover the solutions from Scilife, an RC Redol partner.

If you are reding this you are probably aware that Document Management is a fundamental system for GMP management. To begin, Document Management is transversal to the entire company, since it ranges from the Master File or the Quality manual to batch reports, procedures or job descriptions. As such, it is a process obliged to fulfil many specific requirements, such as establishing rules for coding, tracking and approval, for distribution control and for updating, data integrity, archiving and destruction of all documents. It also needs a flow for approving, issuing and reviewing documents, as well as a hierarchy between documents.

To answer to those requirements, Scilife can help you guarantee a Document Management System, namely through its digital platform, which addresses all the points described above in a highly intuitive and user-friendly layout. In essence, Scilife enables you to implement Good Documentation Practices (GDocP) easily and securely, ensuring maximum traceability and data integrity.

On the other hand, Scilife’s document management ensures accessibility, improves collaboration and communication, and guarantees data integrity and security. However, with Scilife you can go even further, for example by creating groups and establishing different permissions for each employee, with the guarantee that the different editions allow everything to be recorded. What’s more, the platform allows you to keep users involved, as each user has a score that is the result of their individual performance.

Remember, to protect the performance and solidity of compliance with GMP standards, you need robust Document Management, without which nothing is possible. In other words, it is vital that you implement a system designed by qualified technicians and adapted to your company and Quality Management System, so that everything runs according to GMP standards. The best way to do this is by using Scilife, a platform that incorporates all legal obligations into a working model with numerous competitive advantages. Interested? Contact us to find out more.

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