Seasonal Hair Loss

Fall is arriving and, besides warmer clothing, it usually brings hair loss. Usually, the human body loses between 80 and 100 strands of hair a day, a phenomenon connected with bathing, coaming the hair and other daily routines. It may sound like a lot, but the scalp has over 100 thousand hair follicles, which are continuously renewed. That means losing hair is common, as there is always new hair growing. Even so, in Fall, that renewal is more intense. It’s a natural process, one of adaptation of the human body to the environment, but it can have consequences to our appearance.

But several issues make hair loss worst: from hereditary and genetic factors to hormonal changes, stress or even diseases, like diabetes, lupus and thyroid problems. Using certain pharmaceuticals also has this effect, like on treatments for depression, strokes or cancer. But even without these conditions, hair loss can be heavy. A vitamin and minerals deficient food regime, as well as exposure to hear and pool chlorine, can have similar consequences.

Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid extreme hair loss. Dermatology products, like ampoules and shampoos, can have a very positive influence in these processes and help you to keep your hair. RC REDOL has a wide range of such products, that can be introduced in your markets. We offer effective hair strengthening solutions, both for regular hair loss and for more specific pathologies, like alopecia and baldness. Contact us to discover how we can introduce a product line for hair loss in your country.

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