RC REDOL GxP, a solution for all your pharmaceutical processes

Due to increasing obligations regarding audits in various areas of expertise, it is a common problem in the Pharmaceutical Industry for qualified people to encounter resource bottlenecks. The reality is that audits are personnel resource-intensive, time-consuming, costly, and usually associated with huge travel requirements, and therefore are difficult to be managed efficiently.

That’s where using our RC REDOL GxP external audit services can be decisive for your organization. We are able to reduce your efficiency costs and, in addition, we operate as a third-party entity and as an independent external auditor, incorporating best practice guidelines relating to various branches of the pharmaceutical industry. Hence the acronym GxP, where we treat pharmaceutical form drug audits and all other GxP audits with the same expertise and detail, regardless of whether the audit requires an accredited or non-accredited report.

Still not sure if RC REDOL can help you? We have the right solution for your company in the following areas of expertise:

– GxP of APIs

– GxP of excipients (including basic chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, disposables, and more)

– GxP of Finished Dosage Forms (including solids, semi-solids, liquids, sterile, etc.)

– GxP of Packaging Materials

RC REDOL has the know-how and skills needed for successful processes. Rely on our experience, knowledge, and understanding and discover why we consistently exceed our client’s expectations. Contact us today and discover the key advantages of our GxP services.

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