QMS Training from RC REDOL

When we talk about professional QMS training, the most crucial element is the practical results that can be introduced to the companies. This is even more expressive in the Pharmaceutical Industry, namely in the several areas of Quality Management.

With that in mind, RC REDOL built a training plan, designed toward maximum impact on its customer’s operations. Our training, taught by trainers with extensive experience in real production environments, speaks the same language as companies and trainees. Furthermore, they are focused on the most frequent practical problems of Production and Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

For the sharing of experiences to be the most effective, we limited our training to small groups, of a maximum of 10 persons. Like this, we are able to catalyze the intake of knowledge and the interaction between trainer and trainee, on the basis of practical examples from the themes of analysis.

Also, the training promoted by RC REDOL is directed to all operational levels, from supervisors to analysts and operators. The main objective will always be practical and will translate into fewer errors on new processes, avoiding repetition and delays at lot output, and fewer rejected lots.

Rely on us, we have the solution in QMS training

Our know-how can improve the agility and efficiency of your business. Join us, for it to answer all that is demanded of it. Our programmed courses, which, until now, are:

GMP Principles

EU and FDA Inspections

Data integrity

Cleaning Validation

Risk Management

Out of Specification / Out of Trend

HPLC Best Practices

Sampling Training

Log Books Management

GMP Documentation Management

All these aspects are vital for the excellence of your business, and they are relative to the quality and speed of your operations. This is why you should choose RC REDOL for qualifying your personal. We help improve your Quality System’s performance, focusing on the practical aspects of your operations.

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