Product Quality Review, a fundamental process for your product

On the 12th and 13th of October, RC REDOL will participate in Sophidis Days, in Tunisia, and on the 12th our technical director, Engineer Ana Gonçalves, will lecture about Good Manufacturing Practices. One of the points that will be addressed is Product Quality Review, a key element in maintaining the production of pharmaceutical products. But what is a good Product Quality Review?

Product Quality Review is a process that collects all the information about a product, in order to identify trends in its production, with the purpose of proposing changes in specifications, production processes or analytical methods. This collection obeys some specific parameters, namely to take place in a specific time interval and its depth depends on the extension of time and the quantity of batches produced. Also, the items to be analysed come from various areas of the processes, from analytical results to compliance with registration data.

As an important activity in the management of Good Manufacturing Practices, the Product Quality Review should be performed with a cross-pharmaceutical production knowledge, central to the success and longevity of the product. It should therefore be conducted under the supervision of a technician who integrates aspects of production but also of standards. If you need help, you should appeal to an experienced company, such as RC REDOL, that has in its team the engineer Ana Gonçalves, a specialist with a large experience in Product Quality Reviews and Good Manufacturing Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry.

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