Process Validation? Read here about this critical process in pharmaceutical production

On October 12th, the Technical Director of RC REDOL, Eng. Ana Gonçalves, will speak at Sophidis Days about several topics related to Good Manufacturing Practices and Process Validation will be one of them. However, here you can discover a little more about this so important process in the pharmaceutical production.

The Process Validation examines a large number of parameters, from the equipment to the production process, cleaning or packaging, but also the way the analysis of these parameters is validated, the product itself and all the elements that may interfere.

Process Validation also describes the methodology used in the use of documentation and in assigning responsibilities in the validation activities, so that there is confidence in the production processes. This requires consistency between the various validation processes, consistency that is achieved using analysis, but also a deep understanding of the processes involved and sound risk management, among others.

This is a critical activity in the management of Good Manufacturing Practices, to which full attention should be given and which should be thought through and directed with a great deal of knowledge, given that it interacts not only with Quality Processes, but with all technical aspects of pharmaceutical production. If you need help, you should appeal to an experienced company, like RC REDOL, that has in its team the Engineer Ana Gonçalves, a specialist with a large experience in Process Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry.

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