In winter, being well is essential

The general well-being of the respiratory system is important all year round, but winter presents greater challenges to feeling well in the northern hemisphere. With that in mind, RC REDOL presents several beneficial solutions for respiratory health that you can introduce to your market right now.

These solutions can have different forms of administration, such as oral sprays, nasal sprays, or even oral solutions. Also, their formulations and dosages are aimed at specific publics, such as children or adults. The offer is complete and varied, as you can see below.

One of the most sought-after products is a syrup stick, for adults, that promotes the balance of the intestinal and respiratory flora and thus strengthens the immune system and resistance to infections. This stick formulation allows convenience, as it is already sized and does not require water, as well as ease of transportation.

Within the oral sprays, we offer products for throat care and promoting the normal functions of the respiratory system, both for children and adults. We also have products that fluidify respiratory secretions and a specific product for smokers, which helps the regularization of blood circulation and normal functioning of the respiratory system.

Finally, we also offer a wide range of nasal sprays. For example, sterile sea water for nasal cleansing and hygiene, with specific solutions for both children and adults, sea water-based decongestant and moisturizer, and a product that generates a film that prevents the entry of bacteria and thus protects the nasal mucosa.

If you see an opportunity in these products, contact us. We have all the experience necessary to guide the introduction of products on your market, from procurement to legal registrations.

RC REDOL, building connections!