Health also starts in the brain

The brain is responsible for many functions in our body, both intellectual and physical, and it also controls our body as a whole. Its health is therefore vital for all aspects of our lives. Read in this article why it is so important and discover the catalogue of medicines for mental health that RC REDOL is an intermediary for.

To keep functioning properly, the brain needs nutrients, oxygen and a proper balance between rest and physical activity, otherwise diseases affecting it can have an effect on different areas of our body and affect our abilities and quality of life. Its importance is increasingly recognised and it is therefore becoming clear that brain health plays a crucial role in the quest to achieve global development goals, as demonstrated by its inclusion in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

However, statistically, brain health is one of the areas where there is a large gap between problem and solutions. For example, depression is one of the leading causes of disability, while suicide is the fourth most common cause of death among young adults globally. Also, people with severe mental health problems often die prematurely, up to two decades earlier than expected, due to preventable physical problems.

Unfortunately, many countries still struggle to address brain health problems and individuals suffering from these problems face discrimination and stigma. Despite this, many brain health problems can be treated affordably, making it essential to bridge the gap between those who need help and those who have access to care.

Extending the reach of molecule therapies that treat mental health conditions is one area where such care can be improved. RC REDOL has in its catalogue, and for introduction on international markets, a wide range of medicines for this purpose, in particular medicines linked to the nervous system, such as analgesics, anaesthetics, antivertigo, antiepileptics, against Parkinson’s disease, psycholeptics or psychoanaleptics.

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