Find us at CPhI for tailor-made solutions for your pharmaceutical business

CPhI is about to take place and RC REDOL will be there to showcase its range of products and services. If you’re going to be at the event, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get in touch with us, but if you still have doubts about it, read the article below about what we really do.

RC REDOL’s aim is to make its partner companies grow, by providing specialized consultancy for companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Our approach is tailor-made for each client, keeping a focus on innovation and success, and we operate in two main areas: development and implementation of quality processes and international trade in healthcare products.

With these objectives, we offer services and training to help our clients achieve certifications based on the European Pharmacopoeia or the FDA. In addition, we act as intermediaries in the trade of healthcare products and pharmaceutical raw materials, with an extensive presence in the European and North African markets.

We also have a motivated and experienced team, with the technical excellence needed to guarantee the quality of our services and the progress of our clients. In fact, our aim is to make a difference to our clients’ businesses, by providing solutions that solve problems and generate high-quality products and services. We’re sure we have something to add to your pharmaceutical business, so make the most of your time at CPhI and book an appointment with us.

RC REDOL, building connections!