Don’t miss out on sun care!

With the arrival of summer and longer days, exposure to the sun and UV radiation increases. Sunlight is essential for health and well-being, boosting energy and serotonin levels, as well as being vital for vitamin D synthesis. However, UV radiation accelerates skin ageing and increases the risk of skin cancer. Sensible exposure to the sun is therefore essential in order to obtain these benefits without suffering burns or other damage

So how can you enjoy the benefits of the sun without its harmful effects? Discover RC REDOL’s sun protection products below.

Prevention and After-Sun Care

Sunscreens are essential for protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Choosing the right sunscreen depends on the sun protection factor (SPF), which indicates the length of protection offered. RC REDOL offers a wide range of sunscreens with SPF 15, 30 and 50+, adapted to different needs and exposure durations. Available in various formulations and packaging, our products also include water-resistant and low environmental impact options.

Also, after a day in the sun, skin needs special care. Start with a warm shower to remove residues of sand, salt, chlorine and sunscreen, and replenish lost moisture. Then moisturising the skin, both internally and externally, is crucial. To this end, RC REDOL offers a variety of after-sun products, such as creams and gels, which nourish and refresh the skin.

Take advantage of your market!

This summer, don’t leave your customers unprotected! Opt for the sunscreens and moisturisers distributed by RC REDOL and guarantee complete protection against sun damage. Contact us to discover our extensive offer and how we streamline processes so that the products we distribute enter your market quickly and efficiently!

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