Don’t let winter catch up with you

Strengthening the immune system is vital all year round, but it becomes increasingly important when the cold weather arrives, because this is when it is most weakened. That is why, today, we bring you an overview of the RC REDOL products available to introduce to your market.

Newborns are more susceptible and need specially targeted products, but we have thought about their needs and have several products ready to market. For example, an oral drop solution, which boosts the immune system by balancing intestinal health, but also a multivitamin oral spray, which is ideal for promoting resilient immunity. Children have not been forgotten either and so we offer a vitamin C solution in our catalogue, aimed at the assault on the immune system that winter brings.

Adults are also affected and for them, we have multiple solutions, in oral gel, effervescent and tablet form. These products use different ways to promote the immune system, and restore lost energy and defences, for example with multivitamin and mineral compositions. Last but not least, the elderly have also been thought of, and we propose a multivitamin syrup that will substantially improve the immune response of this fragile population.

RC REDOL only supplies products with European certification and can help your team with registration processes, so don’t miss the opportunity to introduce to your market winning, market-ready solutions.

RC REDOL, building connections!