Do you know how slimming supplements work?

In our last publication, we showed you the RC REDOL offer in slimming food supplements, but we didn’t explain how exactly these products work. Clear all your doubts and read this week’s article below.

The properties of our slimming supplements fall into two categories, metabolism promoters, and drainers. With different effects, each one of these types of products obtains expressive results, but they must be taken according to the specific needs of each one.

As the name indicates, metabolism promoters are substances that stimulate the body’s metabolism. The effect can be an increase in the total amount of energy consumed or a decrease in appetite, in a process that degrades the lipids ingested or stored in the adipose tissue. This results in an effective reduction in adipose mass and, consequently, in volume and weight.

On the other hand, another common action of metabolism promoters is the reduction of appetite. By ingesting a smaller amount of food or eating a diet that uses less caloric foods, the body is forced to increase its metabolism to metabolize energy reserves into useful energy. This process promotes lipolysis, reducing the adipose mass and again achieving the desired volume and weight loss.

The other type of slimming supplements is the category of drainers, food supplements with diuretic properties. These promote the production of a greater volume of urine and, in this way, eliminate a greater quantity of liquids. This process is very effective in combating fluid retention, a physiological phenomenon in which the body has difficulty eliminating liquids that accumulate in excess in the body, particularly in certain areas such as the abdomen, legs, ankles, or hands and feet.

These liquids are problematic for those who want to lose weight because, not only do they occupy volume and exacerbate cellulite, but they also have mass and therefore increase the total body weight. These two negative characteristics of fluid retention make drainers, or diuretics, very effective in finding the ideal weight and volume, as these liquids will be eliminated rather than stored in the body.

However, we must stress that when taking draining supplements, adequate amounts of water intake is central. Water, vital for our survival, is even more important here as, without its intake, taking drains can lead to dehydration and a concentration of salts, which will cause fluid retention and thus counteract the intended effect.

These products, both metabolism promoters and drainage products, are very effective tools for weight control when associated with lifestyle changes. That is why they are especially sought after in preparation for the summer season, which makes this the ideal time to introduce these products to your market. For this process to be successful, RC REDOL has the necessary experience and know-how at your disposal. You just have to contact our commercial team and find out how to commercialize these, and other products, in your country.

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