RC REDOL is a pharmaceutical industry services provider with extensive market experience. Our mission is to create long-term business relations with partners from all over the world. We accomplish that goal by establishing trusted business relations, based on strong cooperation structures. You might remember us from our work with our sister company, Neutroplast, which is recognized for supplying over 100 million HDPE bottles to the European Pharmaceutical Industries.

We set off by supplying packaging from several European producers, but we are focused on the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplements. This activity allowed us to create a network of different skills, with people and companies capable of pushing forward pharmaceutical industry business initiatives. We strengthened that network and created a company that joins knowledge and experience with key international partners. Now, we supply an agile structure that offers you the market knowledge and production capabilities your business needs to grow.

Discover RC REDOL, a company without its own production but who builds connections for a healthier world. In essence, every day we work to be an international connection in the pharmaceutical industry, with the goal of allowing health access to everyone.

Our mission is to upgrade external pharmaceutical markets, build relations that last in time, and take root in the consciences. To achieve it, we are permanently ahead of our time, with an unshakeable passion for innovation, that invests in using the most recent technologies and products when dealing with our customers.

We bet on knowledge, education, and information to keep up to date and assist in the certification process of pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. That way, we maintain our customer’s trust, who look at us for the versatility and experience with which we improve the access to new products.

In fact, we are the spearhead of pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and food supplements solutions. However, what distinguishes us is supporting trust-based business relations that gather partners from around the world. That is why we are a source of new business partnerships, that is why we are RC REDOL.