Collagen, for a younger body

After turning 25, the skin starts aging and one of the lead causes for the aging is the lower production of collagen. The slowing down of this elements production quickens tissue degeneration, increases flaccidity and is one of the causes for the surge of wrinkles. Also, some autoimmune diseases harm even further the absorption of this protein. There are, nevertheless, ways to replenish one’s collagen!

Collagen, in our bodies, is one of the main elements of tendons and is also present in the skin, in other ligaments, on the bones and on cartilages. To restore the levels of collagen in your body can, therefore, have several benefits, like increasing elasticity and skin firmness, strengthen hair and nails, slow down expression traits or prevent stretch marks and cellulite. It has a relevant role in strengthening the bones and joints as well, which helps to prevent illnesses like osteoporosis, and it increases cellular renewal, increasing healing and regeneration.

The consumption of certain nutrients, like vitamin C, Proline, Glycine and Copper, help this process, as well as ingesting red and white meat, as well as gelatine. RC REDOL has in its catalogue several dietary supplements solutions which allow for the intake and absorption of these nutrients, at the recommended doses. These products are available to be introduced in your market! Contact us to know more.

RC REDOL, opens new horizons!