Care, body hygiene, and the environment – are they incompatible?

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of our consumption habits, sustainable beauty is gaining momentum. Today’s consumers are aware of the ingredients used in the manufacture of the product, the production of packaging waste, and how this waste is disposed of. This creates a demanding public, which requires products adapted to a new ecological awareness. This publication will discuss what happens when using environmentally friendly products and present the RC REDOL product range that allows optimal hygiene and skin care with a reduced environmental impact.

An environmentally friendly cosmetic or hygiene product is expected to care for hygiene and skin while having a lower environmental impact. This can happen in various ways, such as by not using polluting agents or, for example, by a design or packaging raw materials that enable this lower impact. RC REDOL offers a range of cosmetic products that meet these expectations without compromising the quality standards of these products and even some innovative solutions that solve problems in the use of entire product ranges.

One of the most striking examples of products according to this new philosophy of consumption is our line of organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics. It includes moisturizing creams and sunscreens that do not cause water pollution or affect marine life, which makes these products ideal for beach and sea sports.

But, the care with ecology does not only go through the formulation of the products. In fact, one of the most worrying features of modern consumption is the massive production of packaging. To combat this effect, RC REDOL commercializes a moisturizing cream in large volume presentations, which manages in this way to reduce the amount of packaging used in daily use products.

Another source of waste with high impact is disposable products, for example in the feminine intimate hygiene during the menstrual cycles. That is why we commercialize solutions for menstrual cups and reusable sanitary towels that reduce the production of this waste, innovatively changing the paradigm towards more ecological intimate hygiene care. This philosophy is applied to other products, such as an intimate hygiene spray that uses neither water for subsequent cleaning, nor gas, fats, or surfactants, thus eliminating various sources of pollution while allowing intimate care when away from home.

The products described in this article are a bet by RC REDOL and constitute fundamental innovations in the field of modern consumption, capable of transforming the landscape of the body care and hygiene business. They are also products with all the guarantees of European production, besides being able to make a difference if marketed in your market. Do not miss this opportunity and contact us to find out how to boost your business with these products!

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