Autumn Allergies

In Autumn, the fall of leaves contributes for the release of polen and polluting particles, a natural process which, nonetheless, increases the risk of respiratory allergies. Several other factors influence the of allergies when the season changes. Temperature decreases and we look for warmer clothing, which was probably stored away since winter or spring, and that can have fungi and mites accumulation. All this will harm the respiratory system of sensitive persons, and they can start to sneeze more often, have itches or to be disturbed by a running nose.

One of the ways to hinder this allergy, and to not let it grow into a serious respiratory problem, is consuming vitamin C. To face this issue, RC Redol has, in its offer, vitamin C dietary supplements, which can be the ideal solution for seasonal allergies.

Contact us to find out how to take well-being, during the Fall, to your customers and widen your product range with the best solutions in European produced dietary supplements.

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